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Federal Accessibility Legislation in the Works

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The Federal Government has recently commenced a nationwide consultation process with Canadians to inform the development of federal accessibility legislation.  Specifically, the government is seeking input on the following:

  • feedback on the overall goal and approach;
  • to whom would apply;
  • what accessibility issues and barriers it could address;
  • how it could be monitored and enforced; and
  • what else the Government of Canada could do to improve accessibility.

Thus far, there is limited opportunity for public oral consultation.  Brief in-person sessions are taking place in 18 cities across Canada.  These sessions began in September and will continue through to … Continue Reading

Public Sector Unions Continue the Struggle to Remain Relevant

Posted in Labour Relations, Litigation, Unions

The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal has confirmed that the restrictions on the right to strike in the Public Service Essential Services Act do not violate the freedom of association found in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In relying upon the 1987 decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada, the Court of Appeal confirmed that “the freedom of association does not comprehend the right to strike.”… Continue Reading